Lumb Lane – by Rebekah M.

This page was created by Rebekah M. She won the space on this blog in an auction on eBay – for the princely sum of 50p!

Lumb Lane

Kelly works the lane
In the wind and the rain
For twenty quid a trick
A smack habit to feed
So she feels the need
To get the punters quick.

She’s got a room nearby
She’s just a bit shy,
Looks like a little girl lost.
Her mum’s on the game;
Her sister was the same;
They don’t realise the cost.

If someone had loved her,
If someone had cared,
If someone had called her name,
If someone had listened,
When she talked,
She could have been spared the pain.

By Rebekah M.

One Comment

  1. Angel says:

    aww that’s a really sad poem – i think Rebekah should be your guest writer!