I’m a genius!

It’s a fact. Without any formal psychological training, I’ve develped a new psychological theorem. I’ve discovered a syndrome – Parental deafness.

Basically it works like this. Parent is stressed. Parent is hassled. Parent is at end of tether and if doesn’t get some peace soon will go bezerk with a shotgun or a variety of sharp implements.

Child wants something. Child doesn’t care that parent is desperately hiding their head in that book. Child wants. Child repeatedly asks. “Dad”, “Dad”, “Dad“, “Dad“, “DAD” –

Parent looks up and snaps – “What are you shouting at me for? What do you want?”, while deciding which kitchen tools would make the most damage with the least mess on the carpet.

Any parent will relate to that story (although they probably won’t confess to the homicidal bit), as will any child.

I reckon it’s a defence mechanism, put in place by the trauma of giving/watching birth.

I’m going to write a paper on it, and become a world famous expert in psychology.

(Rather than being famous in the world of psychology experts, as I am now).


  1. Angel says:

    See now I developed a similar work related one approx 2 years ago…now in the office, you can hear a certain male manager trying to get my attention by going…’Rac, rac, rach…..RACHEL…at which point I may look up and ask why he’s shouting at me 😉

    Also now works with my team, but they don’t call me Rac…. 😈

  2. anagram100 says:

    so you’ll be getting that Phd then! 😀