Something Fishy?

Well, I’ve spent the last 2 weeks (feels like an eternity) campaigning on the new Greenpeace campaign.


Greenpeace aren’t campaigning against fish – they tend not to be nasty multinationals causing all sorts of pollution – they’re campaigning for fish.

We want more fish! And the best way to get it is to force the supermarkets (who spend 90% of the £1.8 billion yearly UK fish-spend) to make sure they get their fish in a sustainable manner.

It’s been a pretty easy sell, mostly. Those nasty people at Tesco wouldn’t let us stand outside though. They wouldn’t even take the card that we got signed while we were waiting to talk to the manager! Miserable buggers.

Next time you’re in Tesco, ask where the fish comes from – and is it sustainable, and can they prove it!

For more info on sustainable fish visit the Marine Conservation Society.

Oh, and even you veggies can help out with this one, just don’t tell ’em you won’t eat food with a face.


  1. Angel says:

    😉 or maybe everyone should just stop eating food that had a face 💡

  2. aaronette says:

    Tesco is the worst of the supermarkets, and won’t rest until they control every aspect of lives. They treat people with disdain and don’t care about the conditions that workers in Africa have to live and work in just so we (!) can have out-of-season produce. Doubt they care about fish, apart from profits they can make.
    B*****ds 🙁